February 2017

Flat Roofing 101

Flat Roofing 101
Flat roofs are popular in modern architecture. They give buildings a modern feel and give buildings a more minimalistic look. Gone are the days of old fashioned architecture like in the 1800s, when buildings were often even embellished with fancy detail. Instead, modern fashion dictates that simplicity can be very attractive, and everywhere from art, to décor this is a prevalent trend.
But while flat roofs are a current fashion, they aren’t exactly as practical as sloped roofs […]

We understand that in these times roofs still get damaged or leak and that you want to stay safe so we have implemented new procedures to give you options to keep you and our staff safe.
We are regularly disinfecting our office and limiting employees need to enter the office. Our roof inspectors disinfect all material and samples before and after each meeting with a property owner. We also offer for you to request the use of PPE and social distancing. Are you at high risk or caring for someone who is? Request a virtual meeting. Our roof inspector can come out inspect your roof with never entering your home and schedule a virtual meeting to go over the images they took of the damage on your roof.