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Flat Roof Repairs and Flat Roofing Installation from Cartersville Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing

Does your roof look as if it is need of repairs? The group at 1 OAK Roofing offers Flat Roofing in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina with years of experience in the flat roofing industry, we know rubber roofs. Our flat roofing services offer clients dependable work, ensured to withstand many years of exposure to the sun and elements.

Inspection Elements

Every part of the flat roof needs to be inspected—starting at the bottom of the structure and working to the top—to identify why your roof is leaking.

  • Is the membrane lifting and sliding?
  • Are there cracks or tears on the surface?
  • Is the offset correct?
  • Is water running off or evaporating properly?
  • Are the fasteners properly installed and working?
  • Is the flashing properly installed and working correctly, or is it rusting?
  • Is the pitch of the roof wrong?
Flat Roof Repairs and Installation Cartersville GA Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing
Flat Roof Inspection Cartersville GA Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing

Basic Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs Cartersville GA Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing

Poor Water Drainage System

On the off chance that your flat roof has water damage on it, then you have to act soon to forgo exorbitant water harm and repairs that will come soon after poor water drainage conditions. While this sort of weathering is regular for more established roofs that have encountered years of exposure to sun and the elements, it is extremely unsafe to your flat roof in any case. Building up relevant topography for your flat roof and keeping up the flashing and gutter/drain system is needed to successfully move water rapidly and productively off the flat roof, with the goal that it doesn’t gather and leak through the surface to the wood sheathing underneath, and in the end the inside of your commercial building. When your smooth flat roof surface is compromised (e.g., sagged, cracked, separated), water can collect in these areas and eventually weaken the plywood sheathing and/or framing that supports the flat roof, leaving your flat roof in danger of collapsing under the weight of excessive water, snow and/or ice. If you have standing water on your flat roof at any time, it’s a good reason to contact the Cartersville Roofing Contractors at 1 OAK Roofing to correct the problem. Prompt action might save the integrity of the roof’s plywood base, preventing replacement that can add hundreds to thousands to your flat roof repair and installation costs.

Obstructed Drains

Stopped up channels can impede proficient water flow, bringing about water accumulation and ensuing wood decay. Without attention, this water harm can raise a minor repair into a roof replacement rapidly. Standing water can lead to flat roof harm, inside repairs, and even shape development in the influenced drywall and wood.

Harmed/Cracked Flashing

Pipe collars and different projections that interfere with the flat roof’s smooth, flat surface are places inclined to leaking. When these areas are not properly sealed, they can collect significant amounts of water and eventually cause significant damage. It is critical to keep these regions appropriately fixed, in a way that coordinates with the roof’s slight slant and seepage system. On the off chance that it conflicts with the seepage system, then it could compound water pooling and harm.

Listing/Weathered Flat Roof

Unfortunately, sometimes much-needed flat roof repairs go unattended for years, even decades, and water that has collected in certain areas repeatedly over the years can weaken the sheathing to the point where it cannot hold the weight of the flat roofing material or any additional weight from excessive water, ice, or snow. The weakening of the wood causes it to bend and warp. These dips in your flat roof need immediate attention, due to their increased tendency to pool water and further rot the wood below.

Compromised Surface Integrity

Cracked shingles, debris in gutters, animal holes, and other things can compromise the integrity of a flat roof’s drainage system, causing water to collect and materials to rot. Regular flat roof and gutter maintenance can keep repairs minor and affordable.

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs Cartersville GA Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing

To get a fast, free, no obligation info call 470-287-ROOF today.

To get a fast, free, no obligation info call 470-287-ROOF (7663) today.

Flat Roof Types

There are a few sorts of flat roofing items that we introduce so as to best meet the property and spending requirements for your flat roofing project. The accompanying are our most prevalent items, at the same time, we have expertise in solutions for any of your flat roofing needs—simply inquire!

  • GMS Flat Roofing
  • EPDM Flat Roofing
  • TPO Flat Roofing
  • Commercial Flat Roofing
  • GREEN Flat Roofing (Energy Star)

1 OAK Roofing Flat Roofing Services

  • EPDM Flat Roof Installation and EPDM Flat Roof Repairs
  • TPO Flat Roof Installation and TPO Flat Roof Repairs
  • GMS Flat Roof Installation and GMS Flat Roof Repairs
  • Flat Roofing Coatings and Maintenance
  • Roof Drainage Cleaning and Repairs
  • All Appropriate Permits to Complete Project
  • Ballast Removal (if required)

Commercial Flat Roofs

EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a solitary employ membrane comprising of manufactured rubber, typically 45 or 60 mil thick. EPDM is a standout amongst the most mainstream flat roof rubber roofing systems in the commercial roofing industry today, offering predominant leak-resistant technology that will keep going for a considerable length of time. EPDM is a standout amongst the most well known flat roofing systems, having been around since the 1960s.

TPO: Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin (TPO) is a solitary employ membrane comprising of ethylene propylene rubber, typically 45 or 60 mil thick, like EPDM However, the seams of a TPO roof use robotic hot-air to weld the seams. TPO is reported to be a superior performer with regards to ozone and algae resistance, as well as being environmentally-safe and relatively easy to install. The welded seams are also reported to simulate a “seamless” finished product.

GMS: GMS is a roofing membrane intended for establishment over an assortment of existing surfaces, proper for most low-slant roofs; it can likewise be utilized as a part of roof system flashings. GMS is the most savvy flat roofing choice, and it is accessible in up to 9 hues, so it can supplement the most prominent shingle hues in the market also, should your property have both shingles and visible flat roofing areas that need coordinated replacement.

Commercial Flat Roofs Cartersville GA Roofing Contractor 1 OAK Roofing

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