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How to Pay For a Roofing Repair

While the coronavirus has slowed down a lot of businesses and homeowners, the needs for roof repair are still in full swing. Because damaged roofs can lead to issues affecting both the comfort and safety of a structure, roof repairs are a critical purchase that must be considered as soon as possible.

Indeed, these are uncertain times for many people. But consumers should know that there are a few means to pay for a roof repair, and that their financial situation shouldn’t prevent them from looking at payment options.

Before weighing your options for purchasing roof repair services, you’ll want to know the specific details of the roof damage. Take a moment and write down as many pertinent details you can, as being able to quickly offer this information will help get you accurate information for your order. You need to think about what it is you’re wanting done. Do you need a roof repair or an outright roof replacement? What area(s) of your roof are you wanting repaired? Is there additional damage related to the roof, such as gutter damage, that may be part of the overall repair? Do you have a timeline in which you are looking to have it repaired? And, what other details might come into play when repairing or replacing the roof?

Now that you’ve written down the details of the roof damage and know what you want, it’s time to take a look at payment options. One option that might not be obvious is getting your roof repair covered by an insurance claim. Many insurance policies for homeowners and businesses (like coverage of commercial property damage) will cover repair or replacement costs.

For homeowners, the financial education website Investopedia recently shared in their blog that “A typical all-perils homeowners insurance policy does cover your roof and the cost of replacing it if it gets damaged.” But the blog states that things like homeowner neglect, general wear-and-tear from the roof’s regular usage, and the age of the roof might affect whether the policy covers the roof repair. Insurance policies for roofs cover the repairing or replacing of a roof to a structure that has received dramatic damage. This means that instances of weather events, unpredictable accidents like a fire, or malevolent, intentional acts of damage to the structure (such as those stemming from arson) would fit the bill for roof damage typically covered by insurance policies.

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This is the general rule for commercial structures as well, according to the blog for Insurance Planning Service. Their blog offers more specifics, including the life expectancy of a business’s roof being between one to three decades, and that preventative maintenance will likely be discussed when an inspector comes to survey the roof. Make sure that you contact your insurance provider and let them know about the situation so that you can find out if you’re covered for the cost of a potential roofing job.

If you’re one of the consumers who does not have the option to leverage insurance to cover the cost of a roof repair, then you may want to consider financing the roof repair yourself. The team at 1-OAK Roofing understands that many people have been affected by the coronavirus, and we want to make sure that consumers have the ability to get a roof repair during these uncertain times. 1-OAK Roofing has teamed up with Hearth Financing, which will let you compare pre-qualified rates in minutes, and our pre-qualifying process for a loan won’t hit your credit score. It’s a simple process that empowers those needing a roof job by not penalizing them for early repayment of the loan and saves the hassle of having to use personal equity to fix the roof. For those worried about how to proceed with their financing option, we have experts on hand to walk customers through the process via text, phone calls, or email so that they are not without advice on what to do next.

The option to finance might sound intimidating during a time of extreme financial hardships, but we’ve made it our duty to make it as painless as possible. We can lock in a fixed monthly price, and can service a loan for a roof repair job for up to $100,000. We are currently offering payment plans for as low as $59 a month, and we can have the loan funded in as early as 24 hours.

Remember: An intact roof isn’t merely a luxury item that shouldn’t be postponed for a later date. The unrepaired damage to a roof now only means more damage later. If you’re thinking about a new roof, be sure to give us a call at one of our office locations nearest you.

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