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Cartersville Insurance Claim Roof Replacement or Repairs

When it comes to fixing Roof Damage that is covered by insurance many property owners and roofers don’t know how insurance claims are processed and ultimately short change the property owner on the quality of the roofing work by doing what they think will save them money. We can help you make sure you get the best quality work and material for the lowest cost to you.

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Shingle Starter Strip

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Ridge Cap

Roof Repairs by the Layer

There are many layers to a well built roof. The quality of the material used in each layer add up to a superior roof or multiply the problems. Low-bid roofing contractors use the layers to cut corners and quality. don’t fall into this trap.

Do you have an existing Insurance Claim for Roof Repairs?

Why you don't want an estimate if you have a claim...

Let our Cartersville Roofing Contractors give you an example to best explain how this works. For example say you have an insurance claim that says it will pay $20,000 for a new roof for your home. Then you go out and get estimates from 2 different roofing companies. Mr. Reputable Roofer comes back at $20,000 and Mr. Low-bid Roofer comes back at $15,000. Now you think oh great I can save $5,000 dollars buy using Mr. Low-bid Roofer.

What does the insurance Pay?

When the roof is done the insurance company gets the certificate of completion from Mr. Low-bid and pays out only $15,000. 

Why did you not save money?

You didn’t save any money because the insurance only covers what you spend up to the amount approved for your claim.

Why did you loose money?

If you went with the Mr. Reputable Roofer, 1-OAK Roofing, you would have gotten a $20,000 roof built with premium materials and craftsmanship not a $15,000 roof built by cutting corners.

What is the difference in the Roofs?

An example of ways Mr. Low-bid roofer may cut the cost of the roof repairs is using a cheaper shingle. For example maybe you get a 25 year architectural shingle instead of a 50 year architectural shingle.

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What to do if you don't already have an Insurance Claim?

We recommend giving us a call, letting us give you a Free Roof Inspection and explain the Insurance Process to you correctly. We can file a claim together with you the homeowner or you can call your insurance company at a convenient time after you have your roof inspection.

The faster you call after a storm the better chances you have of a roof replacement since the storms are fresh in the insurance adjusters head.

In the past 10 years the insurance companies have changed the way they pay out claims, supplements, and state code upgrades. It’s important to know up front what to expect.

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