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Museums and Historic Sites You Must See in Dallas Georgia

Dallas, Georgia is rife with history. Human settlements have existed in this fertile area for thousands of years, and every successive generation has left behind something for us to find and learn from. You can trace population centers as far back as thirteen thousand years ago! While the area is rich in historic locations, there are only a few centralized spots that are easily accessible to visitors.

Paulding County Historical Society & Schoolhouse Museum

Simple buildings become treasures to those who desire to hold onto a trace of their ancestry. The first official school house in Dallas is a symbol of our cities institutional longevity. The Historical Society has preserved the building and converted it into both their headquarters and museum. Inside you will find artifacts, displays, relics and much more. You can also buy a number of books there during your visit. After the creation of the building in the mid 19th century, it served as the schoolhouse until the 1890’s when the United Methodist Church took ownership. In 1995 the church donated it to the historical society. The school was then moved and restored. Today it serves as a reminder of the ever continuing roll of time and our place in it.

Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Historic Site

On May 27, 1864, around 14,000 Northern soldiers led by General Howard marched into the area and were met by 10,000 Confederate troops under General Cleburne. The battle raged, but the Union forces were unable to break through the Southern lines. The story goes that the Southern soldiers had dug themselves in too well and had been able to defeat the attack from their advantageous position. These earthworks can still be seen today. This action delayed the invasion of Atlanta.

The battlefield known as Pickett’s Mill is one of the best preserved Civil War battle sites left in the country. You can still see the roads and trenches used by soldiers who participated in the battle. You can walk the same earthworks and ravines as these men from long ago. Hundreds died, and history changed here. On the site is also an authentically restored 19th-century pioneer cabin with a roof repair from a Dallas contractor.

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Paulding Fine Arts Association at the Historic Dallas Courthouse

The Paulding Fine Arts Association is a non-profit that was formed in the early ’80s to give people the opportunity to experience the arts in a way typically unavailable to them. Thirty-seven years later the association is still doing a fantastic job of enriching the arts in Dallas. Located on the 2nd floor of the Historic Dallas Courthouse, this is a one-two for both art and history. Art exhibits, various classes, and even art competitions are all held here.

The Dallas courthouse itself is another beautiful piece of history. It was added to the national register of historic places in 1980. Built-in 1892 in the Queen Anne style, the building has been renovated several times since – but nonetheless offers an excellent window into a past age.

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