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Exploring Higher Education in Dallas Georgia

Dallas, Georgia has always been a rural town with a historical focus on agricultural concerns. While this may conjure images of simple farmers and ranchers, Dallas went ahead and slapped an educational campus right down in the center of the historic downtown area -perhaps just make sure any old cliches stay dead. Whether due to statements like that, or just because the times are changing, the last decade has seen an explosion of unique and niche educational offerings appear throughout the county. While it is possible to get a 4-year degree in Dallas, these locally based classes serve the community in a way impossible for traditional one-size-fits-all degree systems. Every day thousands of Paulding citizens expand their minds and build their knowledge topics ranging from cultivation to community leadership.

Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands College has been a critical aspect of higher education for the local Paulding community since it opened its Paulding site in 2009. This location is nestled right in the center of the historic downtown and is a beautiful, comforting and historic site. As the site director Joy Hambrick said “We are conveniently located in beautiful, historic Downtown Dallas which gives you that “ivy league” feel.”  Everything you can want to do in the area can be found here -shops restaurants and more, each being maintained by the best Dallas roofing contractors. From this prime location, GHC offers multiple fields of study with an associate, bachelor’s, and online degree options.
Roofing Contractor Dallas, GA

Kennesaw State University Site 

Since 2010 Georgia Highlands College has worked with Kennesaw State University to provide classes in the local area. These have quickly become a favorite way or local students to attend low-density classes with little hassle. The location is offering Junior and Senior classes in the following majors:

  • Leadership
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Inclusive Ed.

GHC and Kennesaw University have a 2+2 partnership which allows students to complete two degrees on a single campus. This allows students to take an associates degree in psychology, general studies or elementary & Early child development and build upon it with a further two years at Kennesaw, all at the same campus. This effectively provides Downtown Dallas with its own 4-year program.

University of Georgia Paulding Extension

This site brings together facets of the University of Georgia, Fort Valley State University and Paulding County. This location offers a vast array of classes and services to the local area including gardening classes, cooking lessons, and agricultural needs and competitions.

Their official site lists these initiatives:

  • Conservation and Management of Natural Resources
  • Youth Leadership
  • 4-H Youth Development Program
  • Service Learning / Citizenship
  • Agriculture Programming and Research Opportunities
  • Landscaping and Gardening
  • Water Quality
  • Family and Economic Well-Being

This location also adds to the prestige of the are by producing academic and cultural works. One quick example is the So Easy To Preserve cookbook now on its 6th edition. This college produces works covering topics ranging from preserving foods to syrups.

Another example of how this location serves the community is the effort hey put into providing resources and help to those looking to start or improve a small business, including companies like a Dallas Roofer. These programs show what a bottom-up approach to education can begin to create.

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