What Shingles does Your Roof Have?

Knowing what type of roofing you have is important. Most homeowners don’t really know what type of shingle they have on their roof past the material they are composed of and perhaps the color; your roof is easy to forget until you have damage or a leak. Asphalt roof shingles are the most common covering used on residential properties in North America. Shingle warranties can run anywhere from 20 to over 50 years. Although products with longer warranties are usually of higher quality, in some cases, the longer warranties can be more of a marketing strategy than an accurate predictor of shingle life. However, did you know that having a certain shingle type can cause an insurance claim to be denied, or even worse your entire policy to be canceled! This is happening to residents in Georgia, when after a large storm system damaged many roofs across the state.

Atlas Chalet shingles are the culprit of many homeowners getting their claim denied, even though the shingles have never been recalled or ruled as deficient or faulty. This article conducts an interview with a homeowner who had his claim denied and policy canceled because of these shingles and had his roof replaced with 1 OAK Roofing. The reports have left many homeowners worried and scrambling to figure out whether their homes are affected. If your roof is showing signs of damage, you are probably asking questions like: How can I find out what shingles I have? What happens if I need something repaired or replaced? Should I replace the whole roof, or just the shingles that are damaged?

1 OAK Roofing was able to help out Jim, now let them help you! Your home is significantly more than just the reason you send off that home loan check every month. It’s the rooftop over your head. The windows let in the sun every morning and the entryways that keep your family secure. We can take care of those “Uninsurable” shingles before you have an emergency! Get rid of those shingles today, and have more peace of mind when it comes to your home’s roof, and in the integrity of your insurance coverage for your roof.