What Kind of Roof Damage is Covered by Insurance

Roof damage is something that happens due to outdoor forces that cause damage instantly or over time to the structure of your roof. Wear and tear can lead to essential repairs or replacement, but most of the time it is the immediate damage repairs from a storm or high winds you end up dealing with. There are several different types of roof damage you may be dealing with. Roof damage can look like moisture issues, punctures and cracks, torn or broken shingles, worn down roof parts, sitting water, and damage to the structure. In order for your insurance to cover roof damage, it has to be caused by an extreme weather event. These could be straight-line winds, heavy thunderstorms, hail storms, blizzards, and tornados. Your homeowner’s insurance normally will also cover roof damage from broken tree limbs due to strong storms. Depending on their policies, homeowners insurance should pay to fix your roof if it’s damaged. It is ultimately based on what your insurance company finds during the inspection. If there’s enough roof damage to certify a full replacement then it should be covered. However, as long as the damage is caused by extreme weather, your homeowner’s insurance should cover your roof and agree to replace it.

The first thing you need to always do is call your homeowner’s insurance company after you notice roof damage. Once you have contacted them and provided all appropriate information, what happens next depends on what your insurance company recommends you do.

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They can either send out an insurance adjuster to do a full roof inspection or suggest you call a roofing company for an inspection. After the roof has been reviewed, they will approve your claim or tell you they could not find signs of a damaged roof. Unfortunately, some insurance policies will also only pay for the roof’s cash value and not the whole replacement cost. So, if your roof is damaged, but it’s old and needed to be replaced anyway, it’s not worth any cash and you will not get much cash at all.

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