What are the Dark Streaks on My Roof

It can be very confusing and frustrating when black streaks and stains show up on your roof, especially when you don’t know why they are there. The look of the outside of your home is essential just as much as the inside. So why exactly are there black stains on your roof, and how can you remove them? Algae growing on your roof may cause a discoloration that will then result in brown or black streaks. Algae is often mistaken for soot, mud, or tree bark, most of which generally produces only small discoloration spots. These dark streaks that are caused by algae, happen in differing degrees across the U.S. You will see more of this in areas that are exposed to warm, humid states. It is most common in the eastern United States and is generally found on roofs with northern exposure. The main type of algae that tends to build and grow on roofs is called cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa magma algae. This is contained and is carried through the air. 

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How did algae build on my roof in the first place?

This type of algae spreads through the wind as it travels quickly through the air. Animals are also capable of spreading gloeocapsa magma. If an animal was on one surface where they were in touch with spores of the algae and crossed to another surface, the spores could have come with them. After this happens, some could have been left behind on the latest surface.
Why are algae commonly seen on shingles made of asphalt?
In order to survive, bacterial growths have to have some sort of food. The most common food of gloeocapsa magma is limestone, which is a form of calcium carbonate. Limestone is often crushed up and used as a filling in between your roof shingles.

How can I stop algae from growing back on my roof?

Home improvement experts say that you can prevent algae growth, like gloeocapsa magma, by installing copper-coated sheet metals or zinc strips along your roof. These metals are harmful to organic materials, which will help in preventing regrowth. It is very crucial that you keep your roof clean. A clean and well-kept roof helps to improve the lifespan of your roof and keep the outside of your home up to date and looking nice.

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