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Spring Roofing Maintenance: 3 Tips for a Healthy Roof

Your roof may have survived the snow and ice, however now it’s a great opportunity to overview the harm winter may have created. Spring roof support is a vital piece of developing the life expectancy of your roof – and securing your home’s trustworthiness. So, when it’s time to conduct your spring roof inspection, remember the following three areas of concern.


Your gutter framework was intended to expel water from your roof keeping in mind the end goal to:

  • prevent pooling and dampness buildup
  • prevent harm to your home’s structure
  • prevent dampness related mold development


Messy, not legitimately kept up gutters can abbreviate the life of your roof, so it’s important that you clean and check our drains one to two times each year. Spring is an extraordinary time to look at your gutters and evacuate extensive pieces of trash by hand or with a garden trowel. After physically expelling debris, follow with power washing to wipe out the soil buildup.

Keep in mind, in the event that you have various tall trees on your property—you may need to check gutters all the more as often as possible for stray leaves and twigs.
In the wake of wiping out your gutters, it’s critical to be proactive about trimming tree overhangs and huge branches. Utilize a chainsaw or hand trimmer to cut branches far from the roof especially if they appear to be dropping debris into your gutters. Next, examine your gutters for loose or corroded segments.


In the wake of checking, cleaning and supplanting drains, your next step is to study the shingle field for harm – you will perhaps require some essential shingle repairs.
Climb carefully onto the roof, and survey your roof’s surface. Search for unmistakable indications of harm like missing shingles, twisting, staining, or grain loss. The small rock and mineral grains on your shingles help to protect your roof from the elements. If shingles are broken or begin to look smooth and “grainless,” it’s time to replace them.

You can replace a shingle by carefully removing the old one (and potentially the two to three surrounding shingles). After removing nails and fasteners, slide a new, same-sized shingle into place and nail it down. Cover each nail with roofing bond to counteract water entrance, and weight the shingle down overnight to guarantee a tight seal.
Don’t forget to inspect soffits, fascias and vents for animal nests and debris.


Flashing, or the metal strips that seal crevices and keep water from leaking under shingles, ought to be checked and repaired as required amid every semi-yearly roof investigation. After some time, wind and other climate can extricate flashing, which can lead to mold or water harm inside your home.

It’s particularly vital to examine flashing around your stack, sky facing windows and valley locales. Those are 3 most basic roof spill areas since winter wind and tempests may make flashing pull away at these ranges. Utilizing little roof latches, tack down free flashing and seal tack openings with roof concrete.

While checking flashing, it’s a smart thought to at the same time checking for broke or debilitated caulk. In the wake of scratching off the old stuff, the range ought to be cleaned and resealed with new caulk.

Keep in mind that while there are many DIY approaches to keep up the integrity of your flashing, extreme flashing harm or home holes are best left to an accomplished roof repair master.


Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about roof maintenance. However, the expenses related with routine upkeep of your roof is negligible comparing with the expenses of supplanting a dismissed roof. Over the long haul, you will spare cash with normal support!

In the event that repairing your cracked roof appears to be overpowering, contact 1-OAK Roofing! Regardless of whether your roof needs an examination, a little repair or an upgrade, our protected and authorized team is prepared to take care of your business right—and our work is constantly ensured!

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