The Shingle Roof Repairs You Deserve

There are many signs we search for while deciding if a client needs shingle repairs. For example, twisted shingles can demonstrate extreme heat damage. Missing shingles are typically a sign of strong breeze damage. These missing pieces make your home more open to water harm. Harmed flashings can likewise lead to a leak, and undesirable water damage. Flashings may lift around bay windows, smokestacks, valleys, and rakes on their own so having roof inspections done is always a good idea.

On the off chance that these issues aren’t managed quickly, the structure can become significantly more debilitated, bringing about hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars in repair costs. 1 OAK Roofing is fully certified and we work close with the homeowner when it comes to their residential roofing service. We understand the annoying factors a leaking roof cannot only bring to you financially but also the emotional factors involved. Nobody wants to see their home damaged and this is why we act quickly to repair your home’s roof.

Shingle Repair Process

Issues, such as rooftop leaks are incredible contenders for repairs and don’t generally call for full substitutions. To settle this issue, we will initially recognize the hidden reason for the leak and afterward assess the whole structure to guarantee that there are no other areas that need to be addressed. When we pinpoint all vulnerabilities, we will do the repairs; utilizing the best materials, fasteners, fibered modified bitumen sealer, and flashing.

While fixing all issue territories and overhauling all boots and vents, we will give your rooftop a new start. Whether your residential roofing needs are large or small, a simple home roof repair or complex re-roof, the professionals at 1 OAK Roofing are here to help. No matter the roof system selected, effective performance is obtained only through a quality installation. Our quality assurance program gives you the peace of mind of knowing your new roof has been properly installed. Our team strives to provide the highest quality work along with professional, reliable services. If you ever have a problem, please feel free to reach out to 1OAK Roofing.

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