Repairing Shingles: Roofing Solutions in Kennesaw, GA

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials for residential roofs. And with good reason – there are various advantages to having an asphalt shingle roof. Not only are shingles affordable, they’re also easy to install, come in a variety of color choices and require low maintenance. On top of all these advantages, shingles are also versatile, and can work on roofs with elaborate slopes and intricate architecture. But even the best of roofing materials won’t come with a lifetime guarantee, and like any other roofing material, asphalt shingles are prone to some problems. Mildew growth, as well as susceptibility to wind and heat damage are among the most common problems you can experience with your shingle roof. But although you’re likely the odd problem or two with your shingle roof every now and again, shingle roofs are still an excellent option. That’s because shingle roofs are simple to fix if the damage isn’t extensive.

Problems Caused By Damaged Shingles

As mentioned, shingles can get damaged by heat, wind and other harsh weather conditions. Eventually, the wear and tear can cause them to crack or even break off completely. But even before shingles come off completely, they become loose. Unlike with a missing shingle, spotting a loose shingle on your roof isn’t quite as easy. You won’t see obvious damage to your roof when you look up. In most cases, the only way to spot a loose shingle is by getting onto the roof and checking every shingle to see if it’s still properly fitted. The good thing about spotting a loose shingle before it’s too late is that you’ll usually be able to refit it. This can save money on replacing missing or broken shingles.But refitting loose shingles can also have an aesthetic advantage. Because your roof’s color might have faded a bit over the years, refitting a shingle that matches the rest in color can keep your roof looking better for longer. While a slight color difference isn’t a big problem for your roof’s longevity, the tiniest color mismatch of a new shingle can be enough to drive some homeowners up the walls! Of course, there are more practical reasons why you should fix loose, broken and cracked shingles as soon as possible:
  • Prevent or fix roof leaks: Shingle damage is one of the primary causes for roof leaks. By fixing the shingle, you’ll also be fixing your roof leak. However, you can prevent a leak from forming in the first place by calling a professional roofer to inspect your roof and refit loose shingles.
  • Keep moisture out: Based on the previous point, this one seems obvious. However, don’t underestimate the value of keeping moisture out of your home. Your roof is meant to protect the rest of your home’s structures from water damage. Fixing your roof is much cheaper than fixing water damage to other areas of your home (in which case you’ll still have to fix your shingles too). Even if you don’t yet see a leak, leaving damaged shingles without repairing them for too long could end up costing you more.
  • Keep mold out: Shingles don’t need to break before moisture can enter your home. Often times, loose shingles will allow for enough constant moisture to enter your home to cause problems with mold. Once mold starts to grow in your home’s structures, it can be difficult to control, so it’s always better to prevent mold growth rather than having to get rid of it.
Your roof protects the rest of your home from harsh weather conditions. The moment there’s even slight damage to your roof, damage to other areas of your home might follow. That’s why you should prioritize a problem with your roof above other maintenance in your home. For instance, your living room might be long overdue for a new paint job, but repainting an area of your home shouldn’t take priority over shingle damage. If you have a problem with your roof shingles, the moisture that can get into your home might ruin the new paint job.

Why Hire A Professional Roofer?

Unlike some roofing materials, shingles aren’t difficult to repair. However, if you don’t have any experience fixing damaged shingles, doing the job yourself probably isn’t a good idea. Getting on the roof to fix damaged shingles is a dangerous job. Even professionals occasionally slip and fall, resulting in serious injury and even death. However, professionals use the right safety precautions to keep injuries on the job to a minimum. Apart from your own safety, hiring a roofer to fix your shingles will also be better for your roof. That’s because a professional roofer will replace missing and cracked shingles, while also refitting loose shingles. Refitting loose shingles helps to keep your roof in good condition for longer, and can also extend the lifetime of your roof by a few years. Lastly, if you have no knowledge or experience fixing roofs, a small job might take you much longer than it needs to. Why waste your time off fixing the roof when hiring a professional is faster and ensures a better job?

Roofer in Kennesaw, GA

If your shingle roof is in need of repair, or even if you just want to hire a roofer to do an inspection, 1OAK can help you get the job done. Our team of skilled roofing professionals will see to it that your roof is in tiptop condition once the job is done. That’s our guarantee! If you need help choosing the best materials for your roof contact us or check out this article.