Questions About Roof Ventilation Answered

Why Does a Roof Need Ventilation?

If you do not have a source of ventilation, hot air will build up in your attic. In the summer, it will be very hard to cool your home. Not only that, but hot air can cause moistness, which will be stuck up in your attic. It could end up soaking into your insulation and roofing and ruining it.
In the winter, a hot roof can result in ice dams, which is where the snow melts from the heat of the roof and freezes during the night. As it runs into the roofing materials it will potentially cause leaks.

How significant are the quality of my ventilation structure and my choosing of the right vents?

A quality roofing ventilation system is vital. The wrong ventilation system or an inadequately installed one does more damage than good. With a poor roofing ventilation job, you can guarantee voided warranties, energy losses, damaged roof parts, and costly repairs for issues with mildew, ice, rot, and others.

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What kinds of vents can I pick from?

There are many types and styles of vents, and it can be stressful looking at every option at once. Be aware you need two intake vents and exhaust vents, which work together to perform their jobs with each other. Fresh air comes in via intake vents at the lowest areas of your roof. Hot air and moisture-filled air leave through exhaust vents located at the peak of your roof. Having an equivalent balance of air taken in and air exhausted out is very important for the vent cycle to perform correctly.

How do I know which exact vent is the best fit for me?

This is as simple as contacting your local, respected contractor. He or she will give you a quote on aspects such as your roof dimensions and layout, airflow, climate, and pricing to decide the best vent for your home, and how many you will exactly need. No two roods are alike as each varies, so it’s essential to find the right system for you.
With many years of service, 1OAK has plenty of experience installing and upholding different roofing vent systems.

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