Places of Musical or Theatrical Entertainment In Emerson, GA

When it comes to musical or theatrical entertainments in Emerson, GA, there are not particular buildings for such things, instead, those types of entertainments are found within the community. For example, Excel Christian Academy, Amazing Grace Pointe Church, and the Emerson Community Center are places where both musical and theatrical entertainments are found.

Excel Christian Academy has one of the best middle school and high school choirs around. Every chance the choir gets, they offer to sing and participate in programs throughout the year. The choir even has its own stage in the school’s auditorium. An Emerson, GA roofer has helped the school out by installing the best quality of roofing so that the school can host any event in their auditorium without worrying.

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Amazing Grace Point Church offers both musical and theatrical entertainment. The South is known for its Christian roots and this church’s entertainment offers exactly that. Each Sunday service, the choir sings hymns and songs before the sermon begins. The choir lets all attendees moving and singing along. On special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, there are often recreations of the events that took place within those days in a theatrical form. Sometimes it is the reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey or the Magi’s on Christmas day, other times, it is the reenactment of Holy Week and Jesus’s crucifixion.

Last but not least, the Emerson Community Center hosts a variety of events. It can be anywhere from local artists performing to live dramas. The event depends on what occasion it is and who is in charge of it. Over the years, many parties with karaoke nights to skits have been done in the venue. To continue, being able to host all types of events, Emerson, GA Roofing Contractors have fixed up the building’s roof to guarantee the building will last for a while. These three locations are fairly different in building sizes, but they all have the best musical and theatrical entertainment in town!