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Picking the Best Local Roofer in 2021

Are you looking for roofing companies in Kennesaw? If so, we’ve assembled a handy list of the best things to look for when choosing Kennesaw roofers.

Why Should I Care?

Put simply, if it’s done right the first time, there won’t be complications later on. When choosing roofers, keep this in mind. Not every roofer can do a great job, though we at One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers would like to reassure you that we’re some of those who can. How do you know who to choose? You don’t, at least not immediately. When in the market for a new roof, you’ll need to do plenty of research on what’s being done and what the consequences might be, for good or bad, before choosing your roofing company. Don’t rush – you might forget something, which would be a problem. It’s also a good idea to check out multiple roofing contractors and obtaining fees, prices, and the like; perhaps even checking out a roof install they’re doing, if they’ll let you. At One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers, we excel in this department. It’s in the name; we could hardly do anything else. 

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Tips For Choosing A Contractor 

We said we’d assembled a list of things to look for in a roofing contractor, and we’re nothing if not meticulous and willing to stand by our word. Here’s our tips on the matter. Whoever you end up choosing (and we hope it’s us you choose in the end), training is one aspect to look at. Different product manufacturers offer different training to the installers of those products, which is something to consider when picking a roofing company. Another thing to consider is insurance. Whoever your prospective contractor may be, take steps to find out whether they have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance – and if they lack one or both, we strongly recommend against choosing them.

Checking that your prospective contractor has appropriate licensing is another area of interest. Some areas don’t require that roofing companies have licenses, so to make sure your prospective contractor is legitimate, ask for the following: their tax identification number, business website or email address (either should work just fine), business address, and of course, a contact phone number on the off chance something doesn’t work right. At One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers, we have all these requirements and more. Another thing you’ll need is a contract in writing – this is substantially more binding than someone’s word if things should escalate. If the contractor you’re looking at doesn’t want to provide a written contract, we strongly recommend against choosing them.


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Cash deals are also less than viable. Cash can’t be traced, so if something goes wrong, there’s nothing to prove you ever paid that contractor, and thus you have lost money on your hands. Permits are generally the responsibility of the homeowner. If a contractor is recommending that you skip a permit, don’t hire them; here at One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers, we are not guilty of such underhanded tactics.

Also consider what’s being done and how. That way, you can supervise the work the contractor is doing, and correct them if they do something wrong. Though if they’re doing something wrong, perhaps you shouldn’t hire them – another reason to watch a roof install of theirs before they do yours. One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers is committed to doing things the right way; we do our best to avoid being guilty of such failures. If you think you have your contractor all scoped out, don’t forget to ask for references – preferably from previous clients, and a good number of them, at that. We at One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers are more than willing to provide references should you want them. Once you have your references, you’ll probably want to call them and, if possible, go to the site of the work and judge its quality for yourself. Looking at online reviews of someone’s work may also be a reasonable step to take, though if they’re a local establishment in your area, they might not have very many to go by. And then there’s price, one of those things everyone wants to be sure about. We at One Of A Kind Kennesaw Roofers do our best to be reasonable in the pricing department – but there’s still going to be costs on that. If you’ve picked out a contractor and they give you a low price and an unusually quick time window… don’t hire them. If it seems too good to be true, it is.


If you have everything picked out to your satisfaction, you should still ask what, exactly, it is the roofing company of your choice is willing to do. It would be quite unsatisfying if you did all your work only to find out they don’t do what you thought they did. In conclusion: be cautious, do your research, and look at everything with a skeptic’s eye. And give us a call; we’d be happy to be on your list.

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