How to Deal with Roof Hail Damage

Waking up in the morning after a strong storm and discovering your car has been damaged by hail isn’t a great way to start the day. If the hail is large enough, it can cause damage not only to your car but the rest of your property, including the roof of your home. Large amounts of hail damage will cause the lifespan of your shingles to shorten by a great amount, leading you to need a roof replacement long before the predetermined date shingles have.

Hail damage can be hard to spot on your roof, especially from the ground if you don’t know what to look for. Hail damage to your roof is either really noticeable because it is so bad or hard to be seen if it was just small enough. If the hail is large enough, around 1-inch diameter, you can see dents or dings on your shingles. No matter how much damage you can see, any amount of damage can cause your roof to leak and should always be checked by a professional.

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What services are needed?

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start filing the insurance claim report. The insurance process can be very harsh and confusing. Both the roofing industry and the insurance industry do not hold the best reputation. The sad truth is that there are a lot of roofing and insurance companies who do not consider what would be your best interest. Make sure you don’t sign any paperwork until your claim is approved. If they want you to sign something, they’re trying to get you into a contract before the claim is even overlooked. They do this so you won’t get to pick your own roofing contractor. A respected roofing contractor will take you through the full insurance process and will be honest with you if your roof has storm damage or not. Sometimes insurance adjusters make mistakes. If this happens the best way to handle this is to ask for another member to come out and look at your roof.

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