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How to Avoid Bad Local Roofers

There are a lot of roofing companies in Marietta, so it’s no surprise that choosing one isn’t the simplest task. When looking for Marietta roofers, it’s very important to know what distinguishes a bad roofing company from a good one.

Down Payments

Down payments are the single largest suspicion factor. Many roofing companies in Marietta claim that they need a down payment or deposit to cover material costs. In reality, though, these payments often lead to the roofers stealing your money in various methods, such as stringing you along, demanding more of your money over time, spending your money on other projects, or even just plain running off with it, never to return. Roofers who fully complete the work before requesting payment are far more likely to be dependable, since scammers often want to avoid doing any roofing work or do very bad work and would not get paid for such afterwards.

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No License or Insurance

Roofing companies that aren’t licensed with the local city or town should immediately be watched with a careful eye. This is because unlicensed roofers may disappear in the blink of an eye without completing their work. Of course, that only works if they also require down payments. Uninsured roofers are dangerous because there is no backup if something goes awry. Roofing company insurance covers costs arising from accidents resulting in injury or damage, on both your side and the roofing company’s.

If a roofing company hesitates to show a license or insurance, it would be prudent to look for a different one.

No Written Up-front Estimate

Any respectable roofing company doesn’t hesitate to offer a free roof inspection and a complete written estimate upon request. If you can’t get a roofing company to give you one, it is very likely that they are scammers. Often, you will call to schedule a roof inspection, but the person who comes to your home is really a salesperson or middleman looking to get their hands on as much of your money as possible. Such individuals will never provide a written estimate, preferring to leave and never contact you again.


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Low Prices

An average roof repair costs $1,200, while an average roof replacement costs $10,000. Marietta roofers offering prices far below these averages are likely to be suspicious. Choosing the lowest-cost roofers may sound like a good idea at first, but in the end, such a choice would cost you far more than the average prices for your roofing work. Why? A low-price roofer will almost certainly deliver shoddy work that may even be worse than your previous damage. To fix this, you have little option but to hire another roofing company. So avoid roofers with very low prices.

Under-the-table Returns

Some roofers offer a great-sounding incentive for choosing them: A money-back offer. These are usually roofers who offer insurance claim “experts”. “After the work is done, you’ll get a thousand dollars back, under the table.” The truth is, the money they are giving you “back” is from your insurance claim. These roofers take as much money as they can from your insurance company using their insurance claim “experts”, but that money is yours. This is your money that they are taking, so that thousand dollars back is them returning a thousand dollars of your money that they stole. Stay away from Marietta roofers who offer under-the-table returns!

Large Area of Service

Roofing companies in Marietta who also offer a much larger area of service, over several states, are not to be trusted. Most roofers who offer service throughout multiple states are likely storm-chasers. This means that they suddenly arrive in an area after severe winds or hail, hoping to sell off their scam, and just as suddenly leave, often not completing the work. Look for local roofers with a solid reputation.

Insurance Claim “Experts”

Be very wary of Marietta roofers who offer insurance claim “experts”. Often this goes along with reluctance to offer written estimates and under-the-table returns. The insurance claim “experts” are actually salespeople or middlemen whose job is to get as much money from your insurance company and you as they can. There may be a few legitimate people who really want to work with your insurance company to mediate a reasonable claim, but most of the time it is a much better idea to handle your claims yourself rather than allow someone else to do it for you.

No Warranties

Respectable roofing companies offer warranties that they will follow up on. If a roofer doesn’t have any warranties, it’s a sure sign that their work isn’t something you can rely on. A roofer will only offer no warranties if they don’t expect their work to hold up. On the other hand, if a roofer does in fact offer warranties, it’s a good sign that they trust in their own work and expect it to serve for at least the duration of the warranty.

An Easy Way to Avoid Bad Roofers

One of the simplest ways you can avoid hiring a bad roofing contractor is simply by looking them up on a search engine. For instance, if there was a roofing company called “Georgia Roof Repair & Replacement” you could search “Georgia Roof Repair & Replacement Complaints” or “Georgia Roof Repair & Replacement Rip Off Report”. A few minutes of research, and you could save thousands of dollars and avoid a long roofing nightmare! You can also ask local friends, family, and other acquaintances about Marietta roofers to see if they have any helpful experiences to share.

While slightly more involved, another great idea is getting estimates from several different roofing companies. If one doesn’t match up, something is probably off.


With all of that said, you should now be able to pick a great roofing company who won’t let you down! Ourselves, we recommend 1 OAK Roofing as reliable Marietta roofers.

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