How Does Roofing Help Reduce Heat in Your Home

Summer is a nice change from winter. It’s the best season for outdoor activities almost anywhere, but with summer also comes struggling air conditioners. While it’s easy to blame an old air conditioning system for sweltering temperatures in your home, your roof might be the problem instead. Without a proper seal, hot air from outside can just seep right in. So what should you do to fix this problem?

One of the first steps you should take is to make sure your roof isn’t degrading. If its seal is failing, it’s time to get a roof repair. Properly-installed roofs create an airtight seal that will keep cool air in and hot air out.

If your roof isn’t in bad repair and you still have overheating problems in your home, consider adding roof insulation to your roof. Roof insulation is a very effective way to reduce heating costs during the winter, keeping heat from escaping. And it also works in summer, preventing heat from outside from making its way inside! In addition, the Department of Energy may reimburse you for the cool roof initiative.

Now here’s something you might not have considered: roof color. Dark colored roofs absorb much more heat from direct sunlight than do light colored roofs, which reflect the sunlight and associated heat. White roofs, which stay cool by reflecting all of that direct sunlight away, can reduce cooling costs by 40% in warm climates.

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If you don’t want a white roof, you can have a cool roof coating applied to your roof. These coatings reflect sunlight like a white roof does, without changing your roof’s color.

You probably didn’t know that a steep roof is often better than a flat one. The steeper the roof, the less heat will enter your home. Steep roofs also don’t need as much maintenance. It’s good to talk with a roofing contractor to see which roof pitch is best for your home.

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