Take Better Care Of Your Roof

You want to take good care of your roof so it will do its job of taking good care of you. Correct maintenance will allow your roof a more prolonged life and help you avoid damaging leaks that can have costly repairs. You may be wondering what type of roof maintenance you ought to do to keep up with your duties. We have you covered. Think of your roof as the caretaker of everything in your home. That’s a huge task that earns a lot of respect. When you make sure to take care of your roof, it will take care of you and your material! 

How do you take care of your roofing throughout the year?

A few things you should be doing throughout the year include some of the following: 

1. Clean off debris– collected debris holds water and causes decay. It builds up behind all areas, such as pipes, chimneys, and skylights, as well as in dips where parts of the roof meet at an angle. You should never do these things alone. Always have a spotter when you are up on your roof clearing away the debris. A ladder is helpful to access the top of your roof in a safe manner. It’s also wise to clean up your roof on clear, sunny days while your roof is dry. This will help stop slips and improve what you can see.

2. Inspect the flashing– you want to be sure it is firm and in good shape. Seal it off if need be, and remove the old caulk, scrubbing the area clean.

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3. Secure loose shingle pieces– you can do this with a bit of roof cement. Replace any damaged shingles.

4. Clean, review, and secure the gutters– Replace them if they are declining and have holes in them.

5. Check and fix the mortar– This is very important on the chimney.

6. Prune tree branches that connect or hang over the roof-This will keep them from rubbing on the roof, but will also keep squirrels and bothersome climbing animals away from your house.

7. Chimneys should be sealed- most people will do this with water-repellent products on regular basis. Finally, do a complete check of all vent openings and skylights. You want to look for any water damage or mold hazards.

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