How Does a Roof Replacement with Solar Panels Work

Most of the time, if you’re thinking of adding solar panels to your roof you want to replace it before you add the solar panels. The reason is simple: roof replacement is trickier and more costly once the solar panels are on, as you’re now having to pay for increased difficulty of the operation alongside the costs for removing and reinstalling the solar panels, on top of the normal costs associated with replacing a roof. But if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck replacing a roof with solar panels, read on.

Contact Your Contractor

Before you get a roof replacement, contact whoever put it on the first time. You’ll need to explain that you’re currently using solar energy and have need of a new roof. You’ll probably be asked which solar mounting brackets are currently in use, as not all roofing companies use the same ones. Selecting the wrong type of bracket for the replacement roof will raise the costs even more.

How Can We Help!

What services are needed?

An important note here: while some roofers will remove solar panels for you, this is unusual. Expect to have to call whichever company installed the solar panels, get them to remove those panels, and then get them to reinstall said panels after your new roof is done, both of which are going to cost you.

If you want to purchase new solar panels after the new roof is done, go ahead and tell your contractor. They may be able to recommend local companies to get solar panels from.

Contact The Solar Company

It goes without saying that you’ll want to also contact whichever company installed your solar panels. They can verify that your prospective roofing will work properly with your solar panels, and they can also remove them just before roof work begins so that your electrical bills don’t rocket up.

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