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Handle Your Leaky Flat Roof with EPDM

Low-pitched and flat rooftops are famous for creating leaks. While you could constantly apply tar to your flat rooftop at regular intervals, it’s a tedious procedure that offers no assurance of a leak free rooftop. Rather, consider introducing EPDM—a rubber rooftop.

Why Does My Flat Roof Leak?

To start with, black-top shingles were not intended for flat rooftops. Since they’re not introduced at a tilt, gravity can’t work to guarantee that water keeps running off of your home. Rather, rain and snow pool on your rooftop, and wind and ice dams make dampness leak between flat shingles. Since it’s expensive and undesirable to change your rooftop’s setup, take a stab at changing your roofing material.

An EPDM rooftop is your most solid option for flat and low slant rooftops. The fundamental properties of EPDM are its remarkable warmth, ozone, and climate resistance. EPDM is likewise conservative, flexible, vitality productive and solid.

What is EPDM?

In case you’re new to it, EPDM – or ethylene propylene diene Monomer—is a single-ply, manufactured elastic material that is turning into a famous alternative for private and business rooftops. Particularly financially savvy for flat rooftop structures, the benefits of EPDM include:

  • Extraordinary imperviousness to bright beams, oxidation and heat
  • Extraordinary imperviousness to hail, high breezes, snow and ice
  • Prevalent sturdiness and future
  • Diminished support and repair costs
  • Affordable and quick, one-coat application
  • Noteworthy adaptability and concoction resistance
  • Low fumes and easy install
  • Complete, 10-year guarantees


Utilized for quite a long time to create radiator hoses, rooftop leak repair packs, tires and formed elastic items, EPDM elastic material can deal with a scope of temperatures without splitting, liquefying or bringing about harm of any sort—which makes it perfect for Warner Robbins property holders managing regular climate extremes. The best part is that subsequent to expelling your home’s shingles – EPDM can be connected over an assortment of material surfaces, including metal, fiberglass, wood and elastic.

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