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Flat Roofing 101

Flat roofs are popular in modern architecture. They give buildings a modern feel and give buildings a more minimalistic look. Gone are the days of old fashioned architecture like in the 1800s, when buildings were often even embellished with fancy detail. Instead, modern fashion dictates that simplicity can be very attractive, and everywhere from art, to décor this is a prevalent trend.

But while flat roofs are a current fashion, they aren’t exactly as practical as sloped roofs in every way. Slopes aren’t a popular way to build just because someone liked the idea of incorporating diagonal lines into architecture. The slope is meant to help rain, snow and debris easily slip off the roof. This can make maintenance much easier in general.

That said, if you really like the way flat roofs look, it’s possible to install a flat roof that won’t be a maintenance nightmare. And despite the fact that flat roofs can require a little bit more maintenance than sloped ones, they allow you to walk on the roof more safely when you’re doing that maintenance. They can also help you create wonderful outside spaces for relaxing on the roof, so what’s not to love?


More About Flat Roofs

If you’re planning to get a flat roof, a little research can go a long way to help you discover exactly what you need. Flat roofs can be built in different styles, so by educating yourself on the building tactics used for flat roofs, you’ll be clued up on what you need. Not only can this help you give a better briefing to the contractor, you’ll also be able to keep a better eye on how the job is progressing if you know what to look for.


Taking Care of Flat Roofs

A flat roof that’s been built properly should be built to last. But let’s not kid ourselves, no matter how well your roof was built, flat roofs have special maintenance needs. Neglecting regular maintenance on your flat roof might cause damage to your home, not to mention the potential danger of your roof caving in.

Of course, none of that should happen too easily. Flat roofs aren’t a hazard, otherwise it wouldn’t be legal to have them, but just as you wouldn’t leave a sloped roof without redoing the tiles for too long, your flat roof has its own set of things that help keep it in shape.

Knowing more about flat roof maintenance can help you decide whether or not you’re up for the job.

Fix Ponding

After your flat roof is installed, you might notice that water is prone to building up in little ponds in some areas. While ponding can be largely avoided by building the roof properly from the start, it’s something that comes with the package when you have a flat roof. It can’t be entirely prevented, unfortunately.

It’s important to keep an eye out for ponding on your roof, especially after rain or snow. Leaving ponding without fixing it can lead to a lot of damage, so best catch it sooner rather than later.

Fix Blistering

Blistering, or bubbles, on your flat roof appear as spots that are raised and look somewhat spongy. The name bubbles actually describes them rather accurately, as these are areas where the top layer made empty spaces due to trapped air in the top layers of your roof. Blistering is another flat roof issue that you must keep a special eye out for whenever you do your inspections.

Keep It Clean

One of the most vital parts of flat roof maintenance won’t require you to call in a contractor.

Keep your roof clean by regularly sweeping away any trapped debris, like leaves and dirt. Not only will your roof look better when it’s clean, it will also be easier for you to find any cracks to fix them.

Obviously, if your roof isn’t clean, there could be a lot of damage hiding under the cracks. Of all the problems you could possibly have with your roof, the ones you don’t even know about would be the worst.

To keep you roof dry, you should also regularly check that water is being effectively channeled away. Check that your draining systems aren’t clogged with leaves to avoid water buildup on your roof, as this can cause a lot of damage.

Maybe flat roofs aren’t for you. But if they are, you’ll certainly enjoy yours! The important thing is just to consider whether or not you’re willing to make the commitment to properly maintaining your roof.

Apart from that, having your roof built by a qualified team of professionals will help ensure its longevity. It’s better to invest in a flat roof built properly, than to constantly pay maintenance on one that’s been poorly built. You’re likely to have some problems that need fixing from time to time, but while some problems are just part of regular maintenance, others are the result of poor workmanship when the roof was first built.

At 1 OAK, we can help you fix ponding and blistering issues with your flat roof. We also specialize in helping our customers get the flat roofs of their dreams through building solid, structurally sound roofs with attention to detail to avoid you any headaches down the line.

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