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Employing a Roofing Contractor: How to Make the Right Decision

There are lots of unfit individuals, marketing themselves as “professional roofers.” Some are purposely exploiting individuals, utilizing second rate materials and manipulative deal strategies. Others are escaping with doing substandard work since they need aptitudes and encounter or they’re recently compromising.

The issue is, most mortgage holders can’t decide when a temporary worker is compromising or doing things wrong. If you acquaint yourself with the points below, you’ll have the capacity to point out numerous unworthy contractual workers from the beginning.

Avoid Recommendations of Placing New Shingles over Old Ones

Reject any roofing contractor that prescribes shingling over existing shingles. On the off chance that a roofer suggests this, they are not worried about preforming a solid job on your roof. Shingling over existing shingles isn’t something we ever prescribe. It puts too much pressure on your rooftop as a result of the additional weight and there are an excessive number of potential issues that could be under the old shingles.

Will Your Roof Need New Plywood Decking?

A decent roofer will need to strip the rooftop down to its decking to check for concealed issues. Consequently the cost you’ve been cited for the activity may change once the rooftop is “tore” down to its decking. Once the state of your decking is resolved, your roofer will choose how to continue:

  • On the off chance that the decking is fit as a fiddle, it can be re-shingled
  • On the off chance that harm is insignificant, it might can be repaired.
  • On the off chance that the decking is spoiled or has an excessive number of weaknesses, it might need to be totally supplanted or replaced with all new plywood. This is the best way to guarantee that your new shingles stay nailed down safely. Nailing into delicate, spoiled, wood is a formula for major leaks.


It’s imperative to know the brand of shingles that will be utilized and what the producer’s guarantee is. Staying with name brands like GAF, Owens Corning and CertainTeed is an easy win.

GAF offers a 50 year guarantee on its material items, which we believe is pretty darn great.

The Right Insurance

When you meet with a roofing company, inquire as to whether they are conveying appropriate insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover the roofing employees on the off chance that they harm themselves on your property. Without the right protection, the property proprietor could be at risk to cover those restorative costs.


There are numerous respectable roofing contractors doing great work and making the best choice for mortgage holders, however there are similarly the same number of that don’t have the client’s best interest on their minds.

Now that you’re armed with some understanding, you’ll comprehend what to search for while procuring a great Cartersville roofing contractor. If you need to deal with a leaking roof until help arrives, we have something for that too!

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