Determine the Age of My Roof

Unless it’s clearly detailed on the home listing; you might be asking the question “How old really is my roof?” The age of the roof can be a necessary fact that determines how much work you have ahead of you to fix or replace it. On the bright side, there are a few known signs of an aged roof that can help you find out approximately how old it is.

As your roof ages, it will show wear and tear as well as years of storms and damage. There are also several signs of an aging roof that would need immediate repair to prevent water damage. But if your roof is reaching its life span you are probably going to need a new roof. Something rather common in shingles is curling or buckling. This will happen over time, and likely means your roof is 12-15 years old. Curling shingles can also be an indication that your shingles were installed wrong, or your attic has poor ventilation, and heat is impacting your shingles. The older your roof gets, the more likely weathering can cause the same effect.

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Flashing is needed to prevent leaks up on your roof. It’s also the main thing most likely needing replacement or repair before your roof’s lifespan is completely up. When you notice cracked, damaged, or rusted flashing, these are signs that your roof was established long ago and needs inspection and replacement. Moss and algae can grow on your roof if you don’t properly maintain it. If you notice that your roof is holding on to moisture, and allowing things to grow and take root this is a big problem. It can actually separate the shingles of your roof, which causes even more areas for moisture to enter. If you see this happening on your roof you should reach out to a professional to clear the moss or algae.

Exposed nails are a sign that your shingles are coming loose. When they get exposed, they can become more rusted by being exposed to the outdoors. This can cause them to loosen and cause leaks which should be addressed.

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