Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

When your roof needs fixing, sometimes you want to try and take it all on your own. There are plenty of DIY roof repair videos, but those are put together by professionals that have the experience, knowledge, and supplies. The idea of DIY roof repairs may sound nice, but there are many dangers that come along with the job.

PUTS YOUR SAFETY AT RISK– Safety is the number one factor for any repair or installation work. You put your safety and those around you at risk by choosing the DIY way rather than hiring a dependable roofing contractor. Roofing companies obey strict safety regulations on the job to make sure the number of workplace accidents is little to none. When you conduct roof repairs yourself, these regulations are not required, so the risk of getting hurt is fairly high. Roofing companies have Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurances to protect themselves and their clients.

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ROOF REPAIR TAKES LONGER & COSTS MORE– Roofing companies hire workers and craftspeople to get the job done great and quickly. Handling roof repair on your own can sometimes cost more than getting a professional to do the job. You may have to buy extra special tools if you haven’t already, while your workforce will greatly increase the cost and time period for completing.

DIY ROOFING MEANS POSSIBLE INSURANCE CLAIM DENIAL– We have insurance for a certain reason. Some tragedies and other damage are beyond what we control. When your roof has damage from a storm, should most likely call your insurance company. If they discover that you did roof repair on your own, insurance companies may be more likely to refuse your claim.

VOID WARRANTY– Most roofing material plants need professionals to fix their damaged roofs. Roofing contractors are normally trained and approved by the factories on how to perform with their tools. When you try and solve the problem yourself, you may void the shingle factory warranty. As a result of this, you are now responsible for all costs of repairs.

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