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Are You Causing Harm to your Commercial Roof?

How much thought do you put into your commercial roof? Probably not too much until there’s a problem. Even if you feel like you’re taking perfect care of your commercial roof, there are some simple things you could be overlooking that’s killing its lifespan. Ignoring certain aspects of your roof or its repair can cause it to deteriorate faster, which means you’ll have to replace it much sooner than you were bargaining on. Knowing how to take care of your roof can save you on costly repair work.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Saves Money

Spending money on your roof only when there’s a problem isn’t a good way to go. This will result in damage to other parts of your building in the case of an emergency. Apart from this, the cost of repairing a big problem when it pops up is much higher than the cost of regular commercial roof maintenance.

Think about it like this – you wouldn’t drive your car until it breaks instead of having it serviced. Nor would you wait until you’re terribly ill before seeing a doctor about a health problem. So why wait until your roof has a problem to fix it?

As with anything in life, regular roof maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never have a problem with your commercial roof. However, maintenance is key to ensure a longer lifespan for your commercial roof. If harsh weather does result in problems for your roof, even if you maintained it well, you can almost be sure a roof that wasn’t maintained would’ve looked much worse.

A roof that’s regularly maintained will be thoroughly inspected by your roofing professional. This goes a long way in finding leaks and repairing them before they cause any harm. When even a small leak is left undetected for too long, it can cause structural damage to your building. A leak can, for instance, cause steel structures to rust and wood to rot. Even worse, a leak might go unseen in the roof for a long time, only to emerge in the interior of your building by dripping on something valuable, like a computer or another electronic device.

Lastly, if you have customers walking around your building, having a bucket to catch drops where your roof leaks won’t create a good impression for your business. You wouldn’t allow your employees to show up for work looking unprofessional, so why not put the same effort into your building and make it look presentable?

Building a Commercial Roof

While all good roofing contractors would agree that maintenance is key to getting the most value for your commercial roof, many roofing issues can pop up during the construction process. For this reason, it’s important that you hire the right contractors to install your roof. A good roofing contractor will be able to make suggestions on what materials and designs would be good for your building.

Some common problems that can arise during the construction process include poor roofing ventilation, bad design and even poor choices for the roofing materials.

To avoid getting a bad deal on your commercial roof, it’s good to do research and learn more about things such as the average life expectancy of for every type of roof and how long the warranty typically lasts for every different kind of material. You also want to research other attributes of roofing materials, such as fire and UV resistance, as well as how it performs under different temperature conditions.

Hiring Commercial Roofers in Atlanta

One of the worst mistakes you can make when hiring a commercial roofing contractor is to only look at price.

While it’s definitely important to get a roofing contractor that will offer you a reasonable price on installing and maintaining commercial roofs, cost isn’t the most important factor to consider when choosing a roofing contractor for your building.

There’s no sense in hiring the cheapest contractor if they do a shoddy job at keeping your roof in good shape. Your roof installation and maintenance is an investment that should pay off by keeping the harsh weather where it should be – outside. But poor workmanship, especially during the roof’s installation, can lead to some areas of your roof not being sealed properly.

For your investment in your roof to mean anything, your roofing contractor has to be dedicated to giving you the best service and the highest quality of roofing materials at the best price. It’s better to pay somewhat more for a roof that will cause you minimal problems with leaks, than to go for the cheapest contractor and constantly struggle with leaks and other problems.

At 1OAK, we believe we give our customers the best compromise between price and quality. We care about offering you the best price we can on a roof that will keep your commercial building safe from the elements for many years to come. Contact 1OAK today about commercial roofing installations, maintenance, repairs and inspections!

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