Cartersville Country Club

Are you looking for an invitation to leisure, luxury, and family connections? If so, check out the Cartersville Country Club. This high-class country club is located in North Georgia in a quiet part of Bartow County. If you are interested and want to know more about the country club and what all it features, stay tuned!

The Cartersville Country Club is one of the most popular places in all of Georgia. One reason why this country club attracts a magnitude of people is because of all they have to offer. There are all types of events that take place at the country club, and there are dining options on-site to accommodate the guests that are attending. The country club has several rooms and spaces within their facility to hold any and every type of event from weddings to smaller birthday parties. The restaurant has hired some of the best chefs to create mouthwatering dishes for all those who attend. If you are craving specific types of food, the chances are it is already on the menu.

As being a country club, there is bound to be a golf course. However, this golf course is one of the nicest golf courses in the South. Many tournaments take place at the course such as Club Championship, Invitational Tournament, Junior Club Tournament, and much more. Other than golf, there are six tennis courts, other outdoor sports courts, and pools. If you have a free day, especially in the summertime, go buy a membership and relax at CCC.

As luxurious as this country club sounds, it looks luxurious as well. Not only are the facilities and buildings stunning, but so are the attention to little details. Recently, the CCC hired some of the best roofers in Carterville to redo their roofing. The country club went from amazing to spectacular by this small renovation. If you are looking to buy a membership to a club, I highly suggest Cartersville Country Club.