Attic Ventilation 101

The word “Ventilate” is a Latin word that means “to fan.” This is simply just the act of moving air. Push out the hot, and filter in the cool. This is the process of how ventilation works. Every time old air in your attic or living spaces is vented out and fresh air is pulled in to replace it, you have a very simple air exchange happening in your home.

Attic ventilation performs two main functions: it lowers attic temperatures and removes extra moisture from the room. Lowering the temperature in the attic can help bring down AC energy costs and roof temperature. This optimizes the life of your roof and lowers the possibility of ice damage when it gets cold. Areas with hot summers and colder winters can suffer the effects of both types of issues within their attics. When it is hot outside and the sun is beating down on the roof you will notice an increase in the temperature of the attic. Exposure to this excessive heat can warp the roof sheathing and distort and prematurely age the shingles. In the winter months, excessive ice and snow can likely cause problems as well.

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Roof vents are important because they can add to the life of your roof, reduce HVAC bills, and reduce indoor temperature extremes. They also prevent harm to your shingles and prevent them from cracking. When considering which roof vent is best to use as the exhaust system for your home, please speak to an experienced roofing specialist before you just pick any random vent.
Ridge vents are the most commonly installed exhaust vents. Vertical ventilation takes advantage of gravity and airflow. Cold air comes up through the bottom of the roof and leaves through the top.

An off-ridge vent is only similar to a ridge vent because they both sit close to the tip of your roof.

Box vents are similar to off-ridge vents but are a much more widespread venting solution. On low wind days, turbine vents do a good job of pushing warm air out of the attic.

Solar-powered attic vents clear almost 100% of the electricity costs related to hard-wired vents but do not stop the cons that come with powered attic vents.

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