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Dave Hardin Stadium, A New Stadium with an Old Soul

Dave Hardin Stadium, The new turf field at Paulding County High School, was finished in 2015 and has since gone on to host a vast array of local events and football games. At first glance, it seems like any other stadium built in a town that takes pride in its sporting organizations, but dig a little deeper, and you will find rich lore and history. It’s safe to say the stadium in Dallas has much more to it than that of the usual stadium found in your average town with an awesome Dallas roofing company.

It should be noted that not the least of which is the namesake Dave Hardin. Mr. Hardin was the original principal of Paulding County High School and worked in that capacity for eleven years. The local community fondly remembers him for his selfless work with children.

The Legacy of Coach Ken Phillips

Having passed away the same year the stadium opened, football in Paulding underwent a dramatic spiritual transition. Ken or “Big Daddy,” as many players jokingly called him, was the head coach of PCHS for 90 games and was at the helm during the school’s first winning season in 1980. Ken encompassed what football, and these stadiums that hold them, is all about. Bringing the community together and becoming better because of it. “At the end of every football game, win or lose, he always told his boys to go home and tell your mom and dad you love them.” Today, the field house is named in honor of Coach Phillips.

Every year the “Battle of Dallas” or now known as “The Battle of Paulding” is held to honor Ken and his legacy to the community. It is played at Dave Hardin Stadium.

The “Battle of Dallas” is name that has an even deeper history with the ground under Dave Hardin Stadium.

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The Battle of Dallas 

In June of 1864, the Civil War was raging, and the youth of the nation were facing off on these fields for entirely different purposes. The Confederate trench line of an engagement between William T. Sherman and the Southern General Joseph E. Johnston runs right along the southern border of PCHS. The amount of American history to be found in only a few square feet rivals many places in the country.

The grounds of Dave Hardin Stadium have seen the wills of young Georgians tested on them for generations -though usually in much friendlier circumstances. Today the fields are a place of mental and physical growth and betterment -where competition plays out in a controlled and safe environment.

Dave Hardin Stadium is a true piece of Dallas, Georgia, and American history -though it may not look like it at first. It has been integral in the shaping of our national culture from battles to football to education and continues to do so to this day. When you visit the site and enjoy all of the modern amenities, take the time to appreciate the cultural richness of such a place.

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