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Marietta, Georgia Has a Justified Reputation for Being a Great Place to Dine Out

Marietta Georgia is a wonderful place to live, as most of its 50 thousand-plus residents will attest. Despite being a relatively small city, Marietta is home to many truly world-class restaurants and quite a few that overflow with tempting local character. A quick look at two of the top dining destinations in Marietta Georgia will make it clear why so many consider the largest city in Cobb County an especially great place to eat.

Deliciousness Awaits in Northern Georgia

Marietta GA is widely known for having a welcoming, small-town sort of personality. That flair carries over to quite a few of the city’s leading dining establishments, with down-home cooking being quite common. At the same time, Marietta Georgia has, in recent years, also enjoyed a rapid and rewarding proliferation of other types of options. As a result, diners can count on having access to everything from classics of Southern cuisine to exotic dishes from around the world. Some of the Marietta Georgia restaurants that most often hit the mark for residents and visitors alike might be harder to find, but definitely worth the journey.
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Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q 

Georgians happily devour a great deal of barbecue, but the state is not actually known for having its own distinctive style. Instead, pit-masters in Georgia tend to draw on regional barbecue traditions from all around them. That can be seen and enjoyed to great effect at the Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q restaurant in Marietta Georgia. Diners praise the establishment’s pulled pork most frequently, but its take on the Southern classic called “Brunswick stew” is just as noteworthy.

Marietta Fish Market

Even though Marietta lies some distance from the ocean, the city has some excellent seafood restaurants. Over on Canton Road, the Marietta Fish Market offers up not just fresh products to cook at home but also a full menu of dine-in options. Favorites include shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, whether fried, sauteed, or served cold in cocktail-style. Warm-water oyster fans will enjoy the restaurant’s selection, as well, with a number of preparations being available to those who prefer to venture beyond the half shell.

Many More High Quality Restaurants to Choose From

With these being only a couple of the restaurants that most often receive plaudits from diners in Marietta Georgia, there are many more options to explore. One of the things that makes the city so appealing is the quality of the local dining establishments. 1OAK Roofing is proud to be able to serve as Marietta roofers to this great community.

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