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All About Kennesaw GA

Kennesaw is located in the area of Cobb county in Georgia. The city has a population of approximately 32,000 inhabitants.

Kennesaw’s Gun Legislation

One of the best known local laws in Kennesaw is the legislation regarding the possession of firearms. This legislation – which was passed in 1982 – states that in every household, the head of the household is to maintain at least one firearm for the protection of the city and its inhabitants.

However, despite this law, it’s speculated that only about 50% of all households in Kennesaw own a gun. Furthermore, no one is ever arrested for living within to city area while not owning a gun, meaning this law isn’t enforced properly.

Kennesaw’s gun legislation is often used in debates about whether or not gun ownership makes communities safer. However, there isn’t a gun in every household in Kennesaw, meaning the laws themselves will do little to prove or disprove the effect gun ownership has on the overall crime rate in a city.

The History of Kennesaw

Although Kennesaw was only officially declared a city in 1887, it was formerly known as Big Shanty before its incorporation. The city originally formed after the construction of the Western and Atlantic railroad. Various small towns started to form along the railroad, one of these towns being Big Shanty, or modern day Kennesaw.

During the late 1800’s, Kennesaw’s main source of employment was the railroad. But during the early 1900’s, the prosperous cotton industry also provided economic stability to the city inhabitants.

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What to See in Kennesaw 

Although the city of Kennesaw is small, there’s still a lot to see.

Some of the main attractions in Kennesaw include the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park, the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History and Swift-Cantrell Park.

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park

The Kennesaw Mountain Park is located in the area where the first settlers made their homes in the city area. The focus of this park is the history of Kennesaw. Some areas of Kennesaw Mountain Park also preserve earthworks built by soldiers during the Civil War.

Smith-Gilbert Gardens

If you have green fingers, Smith-Gilbert Gardens is the place to see! Featuring everything from a butterfly garden to bonsai trees and rose gardens, the collection of gardens is perfect place to go for a quiet day outdoors, but can also be a good venue to host events.

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

The main focus of the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History is to provide information about the unique history of Kennesaw, its railroads and its history during the time of the Civil War.

The Museum boasts an impressive collection of historical things to see. A popular attraction being a locomotive called “The General”, which was hijacked by a team of Union soldiers in April 1862, and became famous for its involvement in “The Great Locomotive Chase”. At the museum, the full story of “The Great Locomotive Chase” can be seen in a special exhibit displaying the events that took place on April 12, 1862.

Other exhibits at the museum include Civil War collections, as well as exhibits focusing on the role that railroads played during the Civil War in everything from transporting troops and weapons, to providing medical care and transporting other necessities.

Swift-Cantrell Park Kennesaw GA

If you would prefer a quiet outing relaxing in the great outdoors, then Swift-Cantrell is a good place to go.

The park features a dog park, picnic pavilions and large green spaces. Swift-Cantrell also features one of the best skate parks in Cobb County. The 40,000 square foot skate park is large enough to feature big events, but is open to smaller events for local skaters too.

Kennesaw Weather Year Round

Kennesaw temperatures tend to be fairly mild. With the hottest days in being in July with a temperature of about 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is usually January, with a minimum temperature of approximately 30 degrees.

Overall, summer temperatures range from about 55 to 89 degrees, whereas winter temperatures range between 30 to 64.

Kennesaw gets approximately 52 inches of rain annually. This is why is important to make sure you don’t need a Kennesaw roof repair before there is damage. During winter, an average of 2 inches of snow is also common in the city. However, this is still much less snow than the average city in the US gets.

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