May 2017


Most roofing experts prescribe twice-yearly rooftop examinations. What’s more, this is not just about their bottom line! Consistent roofing upkeep and reviews have been demonstrated to expand rooftop life span a great deal. Not investigating can at times even void your rooftop guarantee.
Obviously, the least difficult arrangement is basically to procure a roofing organization to examine your rooftop for you. Be that as it may, directing your own investigations has focal points, as well. You will in all […]

April 2017

Which Commercial Roof is Right for You

When you think about it, roofs play a very important part in finishing off a building. Your commercial roof will be responsible for separating the inside of your building from the potentially harsh weather outside, like rain, hail or snow. A proper roofing system ensures your roof can efficiently drain any water in order to prevent damage. Your roof should also be resistant against sun exposure in order to avoid sun damage.
If you are in the process of constructing […]

March 2017

6 Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Roof Repair

You may not have to actually walk up on your commercial property’s roof to diagnose the need for commercial roof repair.
The rest of your building could be sending you signals that point toward repair, or tear-off and replacement.
Recognizing seven signs early enough could prevent a small repair from growing into an expensive roof replacement.

6 Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Roof Repair from 1OAKRoofing

Spring Roofing Maintenance: 3 Tips for a Healthy Roof

Your roof may have survived the snow and ice, however now it’s a great opportunity to overview the harm winter may have created. Spring roof support is a vital piece of developing the life expectancy of your roof – and securing your home’s trustworthiness. So, when it’s time to conduct your spring roof inspection, remember the following three areas of concern.
Your gutter framework was intended to expel water from your roof keeping in mind […]

February 2017

Flat Roofing 101

Flat roofs are popular in modern architecture. They give buildings a modern feel and give buildings a more minimalistic look. Gone are the days of old fashioned architecture like in the 1800s, when buildings were often even embellished with fancy detail. Instead, modern fashion dictates that simplicity can be very attractive, and everywhere from art, to décor this is a prevalent trend.
But while flat roofs are a current fashion, they aren’t exactly as practical as sloped roofs in every […]

A Handy Guide to Commercial Flat Roofing Options

When it comes to commercial buildings, flat roofing almost always comes as the first choice, which is understandable given the long list of advantages that make it an attractive option. One of the most popular flat roofs around is the single-ply roof, a one-layer membrane that acts as a protective surface against the rain and other elements as well.

a Handy Guide to Commercial Flat Roofing Options from 1OAKRoofing