January 2018

Winter Roofing: Shingle Repairs You Can Do Now

Winter climate can be difficult for your shingle rooftop. Strong breezes, flying flotsam and jetsam, ice dams and the freeze/thaw cycle would all be able to cause huge harm.
On the off chance that a whole rooftop should be supplanted, most property holders wait for hotter climate before having the work done. Little repairs, might be important no matter the time of the year, and winter is no special case. Tending to minor shingle repairs now can help […]

Shingle Roof Repair Cartersville GA

Today there are many sorts of roofing material to browse for your rooftop. The best material for your particular rooftop will rely upon where you live, aesthetic and your financial plan. Over our nation material codes change and some roofing material may not be appropriate for your zone. For instance you really never find clay shingles in northern states that get a great deal of snow in the winter. Here is a rundown of different roofing material and the […]

Signs That You Need Roof Repairs ASAP

Ever see how when people are hoping to settle on a choice about something, they wish they would get a “sign from above?” All things considered, paying little respect to your religious convictions, this approach is perfect when making sense of whether it’s a great opportunity to repair or supplant your rooftop. So when you turn your look toward the sky (or ascend onto your rooftop and look down), here are a few signs that you may need to […]

Shingle Roofing with Roofers in Kennesaw GA

Being the most mainstream decision for homes all through the nation, rooftop shingles are a brilliant decision for any home. Moderate and tough, there are an assortment of types, hues, and styles to browse.
Sorts of Roof Shingles
The dominant part of shingle rooftops are asphalt shingle rooftops, made from some type of mat (normally fiberglass) covered in black-top granules. This procedure makes a heat proof, waterproof roofing material that can be sliced and styled to take after wood […]

The Shingle Roof Repairs You Deserve

There are many signs we search for while deciding if a client needs shingle repairs. For example, twisted shingles can demonstrate extreme heat damage. Missing shingles are typically a sign of strong breeze damage. These missing pieces make your home more open to water harm. Harmed flashings can likewise lead to a leak, and undesirable water damage. Flashings may lift around bay windows, smokestacks, valleys, and rakes on their own so having roof inspections done is always a good […]

Shingle Roofing Contractor

1OAK Roofing offers an extensive variety of roofing shingle choices from the leading makers. From savvy three-tab shingles to elite strength items, we can enable you to pick the correct shingle for your home and spending plan.
When you depend on us for your rooftop repair or rooftop substitution needs, you can rest guaranteed that you will get a rooftop that is produced using the most astounding quality materials, upheld by the best guarantees.
Asphalt shingles are the most […]

December 2017

Emergency Roof Repair

Climate – including storm, high breezes, hail, tornadoes, overwhelming precipitation, snow, ice dams and lightning – regularly causes damage to the tops of homes and business. Furthermore, when your rooftop is harmed, the water can rapidly get inside, making extra harm to your structure, items and individual property. When managing the impacts of a tempest or other calamity, it’s important that you pick a believable, experienced roofing contractor like 1OAK Roofing. At the point when storm damage strikes we […]

Emergency Roof Repair Steps to Contain a Leak

As a building owner, be it commercial or residential, confronting an issue of a leaking rooftop can be sufficiently hard, and what if water has begun to leak from your rooftop top at odd hours or amid awful climate conditions. In such circumstances, it is difficult to enlist the administrations of an expert roofer due to two reasons-The timing of the water leak does not coordinate with their work time, or the climate conditions are excessively unforgiving for them, […]

How to Deal With a Roof Leak Until Your Roofer Arrives

While roof leaks are common even in the best roofs, they’re not a pleasure to deal with. If the damage to your roof is extensive (making it possibly life threatening) you should definitely ask a local roofer to do emergency repairs.
In most cases, however, roof damage is a simple leak or an area that looks like it has water damage. When this is the predicament in which you find yourself, it can take a bit longer to get the […]

What You Need to Know About Roof Leaks

Your rooftop is the most imperative component of your Atlanta home. Consider this, it is your first line of guard from the components. So keeping your home in place all comes down to the state of your rooftop. When you experience leaks with your roofing material, it’s an ideal opportunity to call a professional roofing contractor.
Protecting the people and property inside is also possible because of the condition of your roof. Yet this part of your home […]