June 2018

The Popular And Best Option Of Roofing In 2018: Metal Roofs

The Popular And Best Option Of Roofing In 2018: Metal Roofs
In 2018, metal roofs have become the most popular form of roofing. Individuals, who are building new houses, and old homeowners, who are looking to redo their old roofs, all chose metal roofs because of all the various benefits it has. If you are struggling to decide what type of roof your house needs, then check out some of the advantages of metal roofs.

Advantages To Having […]

Why Gutter Systems and Gutter Covers Are Vital To Your Roof

Why Gutter Systems and Gutter Covers Are Vital To Your Roof
Every roof needs protection from the rain, snow, hail, or sleet. There are numerous ways to protect your roof, but one way that is often overlooked is to use a gutter system. The gutter system has multiple benefits, and it is essential to have one installed on every roof. There are various options for the types of gutter systems you can have installed, you can choose the system that […]

Which Type Of Fastener Is Ideal For Your Metal Roofs: Concealed or Exposed Fastener

Which Type Of Fastener Is Ideal For Your Metal Roofs: Concealed or Exposed Fastener
Every type of building has a roof whether it be made out of banana leaves, asphalt, metal, or any other kind of roofing material. The best types of roofs are metal roofs. Metal roofs have multiple benefits and are becoming really popular in 2018. Just like there are multiple options for the types of roofing materials, there are also multiple options for the types of […]

May 2018

Metal Roofing Contractor Kennesaw Cartersville GA

Advantages of Metal Roofs in 2018

Advantages of Metal Roofs in 2018
If you are located in Cartersville or Kennesaw, Georgia or any of the surrounding areas and are looking for roofing repairs, then check out 1 OAK Roofing. They are the best residential and commercial roofing experts in Northern Georgia. One of their services offered is replacing the current roof or completely building a brand new one. It is guaranteed that your expectations will be met, along with giving you the best customer service possible.
The […]

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Get the Best Roofing Subcontractors in 2018

Get the Best Roofing Subcontractors in 2018
For all those residing in Cartersville and Kennesaw, Georgia and the surrounding areas, who are looking for a roofing subcontractor, 1 OAK Roofing is the best option in town. 1 OAK is a residential and commercial roofing company that is one of a kind. The roofing experts do quality work at an affordable price and provide the best customer service.

What is a Subcontractor and Why do You Need to Hire Them?
A subcontractor is […]

January 2018

Shingle Repair Roofer Cartersville GA

Is it accurate to say that you are ready to replace the old or worn rooftop framework on your home? If this is true, you’ve gone to the opportune place, 1OAK Roofing has dependable and professional asphalt shingle repair in Cartersville and other GA areas. If straightforward repairs simply aren’t satisfactory enough to give your rooftop the security it needs, we can also give you superb shingle installation services that meets your needs. The cost for asphalt shingle rooftop […]

How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace Your Shingles

Downpours, wind, storms and sun can be harsh on a rooftop, and, if left unchecked, the life of your rooftop can be reduced drastically. Mortgage holders should know a bit about rooftop care and support in all seasons in order to extend their roof’s life and maximize its performance.
By far most homeowners have shingled rooftops, and should plan to have their rooftop supplanted every 15 to 20 years (for rooftops with standard, three-tab shingles) or each 18 to […]

Repairing Shingles: Roofing Solutions in Kennesaw, GA

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials for residential roofs. And with good reason – there are various advantages to having an asphalt shingle roof. Not only are shingles affordable, they’re also easy to install, come in a variety of color choices and require low maintenance. On top of all these advantages, shingles are also versatile, and can work on roofs with elaborate slopes and intricate architecture.
But even the best of roofing materials won’t come with […]

Shingle Roof Repairs Kennesaw GA

As a major aspect of our comprehensive roofing services, we repair, replace, and install shingle rooftops in the Kennesaw GA area. The most common decision for private roofing frameworks, shingle rooftops are flexible, appealing, and durable. Our task is to ensure your shingle rooftop is fit as a fiddle and up to the job of securing your home. Get in touch with us today to take in more about our shingle rooftop services.
There are different kinds of […]

Shingle Roofers Cartersville GA

Shingle rooftops are the conventional decision for most homeowners. They have a strength and style that are extremely famous, and are a standout amongst the most reasonable assortments of roofing material we offer. We install, replace and repair shingle rooftops with top items at moderate prices. Our accomplished roofers are factory approved to perform installations and repairs with some of the best brands of shingles accessible anyplace for residential roofing. We’ll meet with you and enable you to pick […]